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Customized Events

“Stories break down barriers and open doors that lead to conversations and connections. Plus, everyone remembers a great story!”
Rose Saia

You can hire Fugitive Stories to be part of your event or as a partner to deliver a workshop and/or coaching to your staff. The venue can be informal or an auditorium, small or large, a reception with light refreshments or a dinner. We will match skilled storytellers to your organization and select a theme appropriate for the event to create an unforgettable experience. We offer coaching and assistance for members of your organization (or group) so that they are prepared to tell their own story and provide a professional storyteller to host the evening and/or tell your story.

Nonprofit organizations have found that storytelling elicits an emotional response, strengthening relationships with donors and encouraging generosity. We work with nonprofit organizations to create an event with a customized theme of stories, professional storytellers and coaching for representatives of the organizations to tell their own stories. You can also hire a professional storyteller to become immersed in your mission to tell your story at an event.

Corporations have discovered that storytelling builds community and camaraderie, leading to greater workplace satisfaction and more productive work teams. It is also the preferred method for sales and marketing to brand products, services and/or the mission of the company. Storytelling is much more powerful than a white paper or fact sheet!  We can partner with companies to bring storytelling events and workshops to employees or work with marketing and sales teams to craft stories that reflect the best of what the company offers. A storytelling event with a reception or dinner is a great way to end a day of sales training or to get people mingling at an employee event.

Private Gatherings that honor an organization or individual, or, celebrate an occasion or milestone are perfect for storytelling. We can select tellers that best reflect your intention to entertain your guests.

Festivals that feature music, art and/or poetry can also include storytelling. We can create a lineup that includes any number of featured tellers and coach members of your community to tell a story as well!

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