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“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” Madeleine L’Engle

We are hard-wired, perhaps at a genetic level, to tell and listen to stories. Stories pass a legacy between generations and are a way in which we form relationships in the here and now. 

An audience member lingered after an event to speak with Fugitive co-producer and storyteller Rose Saia to thank her for sharing her childhood tale of loss and recovery. When Rose asked why the story resonated, the audience member replied, “I personally never experienced what you did, but I appreciated your willingness to be honest about what happened to you, and, that you turned out okay. Facebook is full of happy pictures; we feel like we can’t share the truth — that there are times that things just aren’t working out. But we get through these times and we’re not broken. Facebook can’t tell those stories. That’s why what you did tonight is important.”


Rose told her first story at Fugitive Productions inaugural storytelling showcase in January 2016. Three weeks later, she went to a Massmouth competitive slam — and won! In her first year of storytelling she participated in two Massmouth Story Slams and won both. She honed her skills in a “baptism by fire” by attending eight Moth StorySLAMS that year; she won two and placed second in the rest by a narrow margin of one-tenth or two tenths of a point! She placed third in The Moth GrandSLAM at The Cutler Majestic Theater in Boston in 2017.  She has been a featured teller at WGBH Studios, The Life is Good Foundation, HubSpot Boston Innovation Week and for the International Institute of New England’s Suitcase Stories premier. She was a judge at a Moth GrandSLAM and for “StoriesLive” high school student competition at Club Passim.

Prior to jumping into the storytelling pond, Rose was a marketing writer and published journalist as a featured columnist in Acton’s The Beacon, as well as a contributor to MetroWest News and The New York Times. Due to her experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, she was interviewed on the topic of raising the minimum wage for The Wall Street Journal and as a guest on WGBH television “The Emily Rooney Show.”

Rose hails from Boston where many of her stories take place. In addition to co-producing “Fugitive Stories,” Rose privately teaches story writing and presentation skills through coaching and workshops, and, she partners with nonprofits and businesses to bring storytelling and fundraising to their private events.


David brought Fugitive Productions to life in December 2015 as the producer of events in The Gallery at Villageworks in Acton. In Fugitive Productions’ inaugural winter/spring 2016 season, he produced nearly 50 events with thousands of folks in attendance. In addition to co-producing Fugitive Stories in its various locations, David continues to host both a music and comedy series at Villageworks. (

The first spoken-word event David introduced in The Gallery, SPOKENWHEEL, brought actors and writers from Boston to draw from prompts spun on a wheel to create and tell stories in the moment. He then partnered with Massmouth to introduce a non-competitive monthly showcase that featured “professional” storytellers along with local folks; all shared stories based on a theme selected in advance. David served as a celebrity judge at Massmouth’s “Big Mouth Off” competition in Boston in May 2016. And recently, he finally shared a story of his own.

Though David has tried his hand at many things both in the US and abroad over the years, the bulk of his career has been as the principal of DG Communications, a design, print, and web creation firm that has provided services to nonprofits and educational organizations for more than 30 years. It’s tagline, “Promoting the good work of others by helping them look good” aptly describes David’s mission and focus.